Upgrade toQuasar v2and use Vue.js 3
Quasar CLI

Quasar CLI is the pride of Quasar Framework. You can seamlessly build:

  • a SPA (Single Page Application/Website),
  • a SSR (Server-side Rendered App/Website),
  • a PWA (Progressive Web App),
  • a BEX (Browser Extensions),
  • a Mobile App (through Cordova),
  • an Electron App

…within the same project folder, ensuring you are following the best Quasar practices while everything will simply work out of the box.

Install Quasar CLI

What’s Included

While developing with Dev Server ($ quasar dev):

  • Babel, so you can write ES6 code
  • Webpack + vue-loader for Vue SFC (single file components)
  • State preserving hot-reload
  • State preserving compilation error overlay
  • Lint-on-save with ESLint
  • Source maps
  • Develop right on a device emulator (or a real phone connected to your machine) if you target a Mobile App
  • Develop right on an Electron window with Developer Tools included if you target an Electron App
  • …many more

Developing for production ($ quasar build):

  • Javascript minified with UglifyJS
  • HTML minified with html-minifier
  • CSS across all components extracted (and auto-prefixed) into a single file and minified with cssnano
  • All static assets are compiled with version hashes for efficient long-term caching, and a production index.html is auto-generated with proper URLs to these generated assets.
  • …many more

Take note of the /quasar.conf.js file in the root of your project folder. This file helps you quickly configure the way your website/App works. We’ll go over it in the Configuration section.