Upgrade toQuasar v2and use Vue.js 3
Button Toggle

The QBtnToggle component is another basic element for user input, similar to QRadio but with buttons. You can use this to supply a way for the user to pick an option from multiple choices.

QBtnToggle API





Since QBtnToggle uses QBtn, you can use design related props of QBtn to style this component.

Custom content

First QBtnToggle below has tooltips on each button. Second QBtnToggle has customized the content. Notice the slot prop in the options Object definition. When you use this slot prop, you don’t necessary need the label/icon props in options.

Disable and readonly

Native form submit

When dealing with a native form which has an action and a method (eg. when using Quasar with ASP.NET controllers), you need to specify the name property on QBtnToggle, otherwise formData will not contain it (if it should) - all value are converted to string (native behaviour, so do not use Object values):