Upgrade toQuasar v2and use Vue.js 3
File Picker

QFile is a component which handles the user interaction for picking file(s).


If you also want a component to also handle the upload for you, please consider using QUploader instead.




For your QFile you can use only one of the main designs (filled, outlined, standout, borderless). You cannot use multiple as they are self-exclusive.




As a helper, you can use clearable prop so user can reset model to null through an appended icon. The second QFile in the example below is the equivalent of using clearable.

Disable and readonly



Under the covers, QFile uses a native input. Due to browser security policy, it is not allowed to programmatically fill such an input with a value. As a result, even if you set v-model from the beginning to a value, the component will show those file(s) but the input tag itself won’t be filled in with that value. A user interaction (click/tap/ENTER key/SPACE key) is absolutely required in order for the native input to contain them. It’s best to always have the initial value of model set to null or undefined/void 0.


Appending files

By default, QFile replaces the model each time the user selects any files through the popup. However, when you are accepting multiple files (multiple prop) you can change this behavior and append the new selection to the model rather than replacing its old value.

Below you can pick files multiple times and QFile will keep on appending them to the model:


Using chips

Using file slot

The example below highlights how you can customize the display of each file and even incorporate a possible upload progress indicator:

Restricting files

You can even combine the restrictions above.


In the example above, we’re using accept property. Its value must be a comma separated list of unique file type specifiers. Maps to ‘accept’ attribute of native input type=file element. More info.


Recommended format for the accept property is <mediatype>/<extension>. Examples: “image/png”, “image/png”. QFile uses an <input type="file"> under the covers and it relies entirely on the host browser to trigger the file picker. If the accept property (that gets applied to the input) is not correct, no file picker will appear on screen or it will appear but it will accept all file types.

You can also apply custom filters (which are executed after user picks files):

Native form submit

When dealing with a native form which has an action and a method (eg. when using Quasar with ASP.NET controllers), you need to specify the name property on QFile, otherwise formData will not contain it (if it should):