Upgrade toQuasar v2and use Vue.js 3

The QKnob component is used to take a number input from the user through mouse/touch panning. It is based on QCircularProgress and inherits all its properties and behavior.



By default, QKnob inherits current text color (as arc progress color and inner label color) and current font size (as component size). For customization, you can use the size and color related props.


Show value

In the example below, show-value property also enables the default slot, so you can fill it with custom content, like even a QAvatar or a QTooltip. The font-size prop refers to the inner label font size.

Min and max

Inner min/max

Sometimes you need to restrict the model value to an interval inside of the track’s length. For this purpose, use inner-min and inner-max props. First prop needs to be higher or equal to min prop while the latter needs to be lower or equal to the max prop.

Custom step

Offset angle

Disable and readonly

Native form submit

When dealing with a native form which has an action and a method (eg. when using Quasar with ASP.NET controllers), you need to specify the name property on QKnob, otherwise formData will not contain it (if it should):